A Note from Laura

Imagine the sheer delight of enjoying who you are at the core, with nothing to prove.

What would you create in your life from there? Who would you be — at work, at home, in the world?

I founded Laura Westman Coaching in 2012 on the principle that, like in improv, life is largely made-up and our experience of it is designed. By us. With power, choice, and altitude, we can write our own next chapters. Sometimes it means giving up the stories we have about ourselves and our environments, our talents, our capabilities.

My philosophy as a coach is to embrace the creative energy and brilliance of the people I coach, and support them in harnessing their greatest gifts. I am your confidante, your co-pilot, and the person next to you reminding you of what you are committed to. I care passionately about this because I do my own work on this and it is deeply satisfying and rewarding to go beyond where you normally stop… and remind yourself of your true creative nature.

If you like, read below about my training, education, and skills. But the best way to find out if we are a match to get you to where you want to be in life is to schedule a consultation and find out together.

Where would we go, together, with your talent and vision, and me to keep you on track?

Let’s find out. I can’t wait to hear from you.



    Professional Training & Leader Development

    Laura Westman is dedicated to expanding the profession of coaching in the world. She currently holds the credential of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the international coach federation and is an Accomplishment Coaching Certified Coach (ACCC). She has been in business since 2012 supporting creatives in living their lives fully unleashed.  

    • Laura is a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching, the World’s Finest Coaches’ Training Program, and is currently a Leader In Training (LIT) working in Accomplishment Coaching’s Chicago program, alongside Jodi Jan Larson, MCC.
    • Laura has been a Mentor Coach and LIT in New York City and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and through these programs she has worked closely with senior leadership at Accomplishment Coaching to sharpen and hone her skills.
    • Accomplishment Coaching consistently produces leaders at the cutting edge of coach and leader development, due to its unique in-the-moment training philosophy and emphasis on personal integrity and rigor. 

    Laura is the leader of the Affiliate program at Accomplishment Coaching, serving on the Executive Team. 

    Laura is also on the leadership team at HEALcare, the world’s first low-carb/ketogenic diet-focused subscription weight loss program, fulfilling on a lifelong passion for health and transformation.

    • She co-founded the Behavioral Program at HEALcare, which provides high-level coaching and group support for HEALcare patients as they transform their bodies, hearts, and environments for lasting change.
    • She is proud to be on this team of passionate visionaries, transforming lives, healing diabetes, and returning people to their own power in life.


    About Laura

    As a leader and coach trainer, Laura is known for her ability to “say the thing” with immense kindness, a commitment to inclusivity, and to bring lightness and fun to even the most serious or significant conversations. To date, she has participated in almost two thousand hours of in-person leadership training across the globe. She can also create a great segue out of pretty much anything, and credits her improv training for her seamless leadership.

    Laura has been a featured speaker with Eventsy, a New York City-based premiere networking company, from 2013-2015, a faculty member at Washington Improv Theater from 2011-2013, and a graduate of The George Washington University. Today she works from her beautiful office on the Lower East Side and is a proud member of BNI Chapter 32 in New York City.  

    More than anything, Laura loves getting creatively messy:  playing the piano, writing music, working on a book, writing comedy, enjoying life with an iced coffee in hand, working on a giant project that feels bigger than everybody working on it, having a cocktail and making bad jokes.

    Laura led the One Song Productions Board of Directors, a non-profit theater company run entirely by high school students in Chapel Hill, NC. This truly molded her entrepreneurial spirit, instilled in her a commitment to excellence, and a deep love for working on a team to create something beautiful that makes people feel alive and opens their hearts.

    The “creative thrashing” of ideas is her favorite time for a project, which makes her an excellent coach, savoring the entirety — and the messiest parts — of a client’s process to highlight the gold in it.

    Laura embraces her identity as a renaissance woman and supports all people in embracing their talents fully, separate from expectations or shoulds. Pure joy.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Coaching is a strategic partnership based on mutual trust, creativity, connection, and our collective brilliance. We meet weekly and use many different structures/modalities of working to get you to your stated goals. It’s like therapy in that we meet regularly and talk about you, except it’s about moving you into what we call a “declared future.” Check out my coaching offerings for more specific information, or sign yourself up for a consultation.

    If you are: 

    • Ready for the breakthrough of your life
    • Ready to spend time, money, and energy on your goals 
    • Ready to give up limiting beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck, once and for all 
    • More interested in actually meeting your goals in partnership with me, than needing to “be right” about how any of it will go 
    • (Not necessary, but) experienced with counseling/therapy and want a more forward-moving modality 
    • Committed to incredible change in every area of your life.

    The best way to find out is to try it.

    Let’s have a consultation and find out!



    I primarily coach over the phone or video conference. I occasionally coach in person here in New York, but rarely. Imagine this: no subways to miss, no huffing and puffing to get into a session, no self-consciousness around how you’re sitting or how you look. Just you and me, on the phone, in the comfort of your environment, to tune into what’s most important: your inner work, your goals, your progress, your state of being

    For business and organizational clients, I often create in-person training opportunities in addition to virtual work. Please schedule a consultation to learn more.

    If you are dedicated to serving others, unleashing your own true power, and creating a career that reflects who you are at your highest and best, perhaps coaching is the path for you. I believe the world is best served with more coaches, everywhere.

    I have many resources, tools, and human beings to give you, as well as an inside look at Accomplishment Coaching’s training experience across North America. Let’s have a consultation and talk about a path forward! 

    Coaching is a service you receive from me or another dedicated professional, so there is a cost associated. I am a highly skilled professional, constantly expanding my skill set, so my coaching fees may be higher – or lower – than other coaches you encounter. 

    I don’t share my coaching fees online because I believe your choice of a coach should come from who you believe is the best match for you. When you find that person, cost can become irrelevant. If we have a consultation and this seems like a happy marriage for your personal transformation, I’ll share all of the different ways to work with me, and the associated costs so you can make a powerful choice. 

    Believe it or not, I get this one a lot. I guess I’m just naturally effervescent. 

    But seriously, I’ve done a lot of work to really truly hold myself as awesome, talented, gorgeous, capable, powerful. Let’s just call it a testament to coaching that I can say that without any irony whatsoever.

    Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.



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