Boundless: Free E-Mail Challenge to Activate Your Inner Creator

Hello, Creative.

If you’ve clicked this far, something about your creativity is calling to you. Are you a creative person, lacking inspiration, or feeling stuck?  Are you ready to get back into your creative flow? 

BOUNDLESS is my five-day e-mail challenge to kick start your creativity and expand your creative conversation. If you’ve ever wished for someone to give you a direct blueprint to find inspiration — this is it. 

Five days of introspection, active steps, lists to make, journals to write, conversations to begin with your creative self.  Let’s begin an ontological conversation about your creativity.

What do I mean by ontological? Ontology is the study of being. As a coach, I have my attention on the entire being of someone I’m working with. As a creative, I am curious and interested in evolving the entire being of any project that I’m working on. An ontological conversation about your creativity, specifically, will involve looking at all of the multifaceted ways in which you are a creative — how you feed your creativity, removing any blocks, and getting in touch with the part of you that is imaginative and brilliant. This is why any coaching conversation about your creativity will be different than any way you’ve ever looked at it before. We are not here to fix what’s wrong with your creativity. We are here to activate it.

Whether you are a creative professional yearning to experience passion in your work, or an adult stuck in a career with no room for your creativity, this e-mail series will help you redefine how you see yourself as a creative. Let me put you back in the driver’s seat of your creative work. 

Sign up below for this powerful five-day challenge, written especially for you to get curious and explore the depths of your creative spirit. I want to hear about your experience! 






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