All teams encounter the same problems when it comes to goal achievement.

They must navigate between:


  • Results, Commitments, Values, Creativity, Teamwork, Leadership, Synergy


  • Interpersonal Dynamics, “Default” Team Cultures, Missing Deadlines, Creative Roadblocks, Setting the “Right” Goals, Relationship to Goals, Accountability

What if you and your team were . . .

  • Connected
  • Activated
  • Accountable

What would you produce? What would be different in your experience of your workplace?

Let’s transform the entire being of your workplace and how it produces results.

Laura Westman Coaching tailors workshops and packages to address your needs.

We create custom packages specifically suited to your goals and the needs of your team, using:

  • Leadership Coaching Tools & Distinctions
  • Improv for Team Building
  • Interpersonal Dynamics Distinctions
  • Ontological Tools
  • Communications Training
  • Skill Synergy 
  • Creativity Exercises 

With hundreds of tools and techniques at our fingertips, we creatively unleash your team to get the best results in even less time.

  • Half and Full-Day Workshops
  • Ongoing Coaching & Training Packages

If you’d like to submit a request for proposal or a preview list of workshop topics, schedule a complimentary consultation.

What are you looking for?

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Getting high-level reflection and accountability is crucial for business owners and organizational leaders.

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For My Team

Personalized development plans and laser coaching help teams create more focused results, faster.

Workshops & Packages

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