Creators Rise:

Signature Group Coaching Program for Creatives

Are you ready to produce incredible artistic work — to get out of your own way and truly create?

For writers, musicians, and all artists, there is immense pressure to produce. To be recognized.


It’s been drilled into us that if you are talented, you should be using it in a certain way.

Maybe you’re a freelance writer, a musician, a comedian. Your industries are not set up to encourage a healthy creative life. They largely exist to make you feel bad about not doing as well as other people seem to be doing.

This scarcity and comparison is literally a vampire on your deep well of authentic creativity. And it probably makes you feel like crap. The stakes feel higher with everything you produce, and your fear is literally leaking out into your work (or your auditions, or your spec scripts).

As Charlie Bucket says, I bet it makes the chocolate taste terrible.

This is a metaphor, because clearly, I am a great writer.


You’re a writer or freelancer, you’re a designer, you’re a professional with a career who wants to write your novel on the side. You’re an actor who wants to level up your work in the world.

  • You crave structure, but probably rebel against structure.
  • You crave creative health and stability
  • You want to feel joy about your work again
  • You want an end to looking around and comparing your work (and, let’s be honest, your self) with others

My job is to help you learn about your creative health — and how to harness it for your own use forever.

Yes. I said forever.

We Focus on Two Key Areas:

Relationship to Creativity

Establish and cultivate your own personal relationship with your creative self.

End Creative Burnout!

The health and well being of your creativity are essential for lifelong happiness.

Project Completion

Develop and complete your own unique creative project:
a book, an album, a portfolio...

Team Experience

Leverage the potential of a whole team of people working on projects, just like you.

“When I registered for Laura Westman’s [coaching group], I expected to get an expert who would correct me on all of the things I was doing wrong with my life and give me the answers on how to make everything better. Nope!

Laura offered the gift of relating to me as already powerful and on track, and that in itself was greater than any field guide I was hoping to get. Laura has this ability to be inspiring simply by being in the room with you. Her questions always reflected just how deeply she was listening, and her huge heart and brilliant sense of humor brought lightness even to what at the time felt like the most serious of conversations. Weeks later she would quote something I had said, and in that moment I realized both how much she cared about the women in the group, and how she really believed we brought something to the table exactly as we were. What’s more, Laura was never afraid to get down and dirty with her own personal experiences, and that made the space of our group feel all the more inclusive and authentic. What I cherished most from the experience was allowing Laura’s humanity to give me access to my own greatness. In just a few months, I reconnected with my passion for creating bold lives for other women, negotiated a major raise, took on the challenge of the world’s finest coach training program, and began a partnership with the most amazing man in the world.

To bottom line it: there are a handful of people who will commit to always being on your life team. Laura Westman is a star among them. Give yourself a chance to create the things you didn’t know you could really have.”Christina S.

Creators Rise is a virtual, weekly coaching call bringing everyone’s talents (and fears and self-sabotaging habits) to the table. It all starts with a consultation with me!


Stop hiding from your talent.

If you think this might be a fit for you, now or sometime in the future, please fill out this form or book a consultation and I’ll be in touch with more details especially for you.

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